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Somerset Masters Swimming Club

Cook's Corner

I am constantly amazed by the quality (and quantity!) of food that Masters swimmers produce at carnivals, Open Days, meetings and events. This is a space for the recipes of great Seahorse cooks, and is dedicated to those among us who love to cook and love to eat.

Any recipe for food produced by a Seahorse is welcome here and can be submitted by anyone (although please get permission if it’s not yours). It’s likely that your food will turn up on lots of other Somerset occasions!


Your Swimming History

Did you know that you can go to the National Masters website and find all of your official swimming history since 2002. This website has all of your swim times (often including splits) for all masters sanctioned meets and aerobic swims. You may find it handy for knowing what times to aim for, or maybe just to look back and see that your were once a little faster than you are now.

This site also contains details of state and national records, top ten listings, carnival results and a whole lot more.


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